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What to do in Puerto Viejo

There is a lot out there and we now how hard it can be to decide what to fit in and what to skip. Check out list of what to see and where to eat and drink in and around Puerto Viejo. Contact us today to plan your complete Costa Rican vacation.

Playa Chiquita


The beaches of Playa Chiquita are a must stop, off the beaten trail treasure here in Caribe Sur. The coast reef system creates natural pools that are the perfect place to enjoy the rich salt water of the Caribbean Sea.


Buy organic fruits from small neighbor farmers, committed to growing healthy products in a local community based effort. There are so many cool little shops and road side stand, take your time and stoll around.


Check out Mandala, a cool store located on the Main Street in the heart of Playa Chiquita. The store offers cool gifts, home furnishings and local crafted souvenirs. There is also second hand clothing shop.


I small road-side cafe in Playa Chiquita that offers organic based food options, herbal teas, tostas, and vegan food options. Try the fresh iced tea made from pineapple husk and you will are guaranteed to leave feeling totally refreshed.

Exhale Body & Mind

Roxanna is a local certified massage therapist with 15+ years of experience in… Relaxation  –  Deep Tissue   Reiki   –  Acupressure  –  Reflexology 

She is available by appointment and can come to your vacation rental. Contact her via WhatsApp at +506-8839-0992 or via Instagram, @exhale_bodyandmind

Puerto Viejo

Farmers Market

Every Saturday morning there is a farmers market in Puerto Viejo center. This is a definite go if you want to shop local products like coconut oil, cocoa, coffee, soaps, candles and food.


The best spot for Happy Hour and some of the best sunsets in Costa Rica. Make sure you take time for at least one afternoon of Chili Guaro and sunsets in Puerto Viejo.

Casa de las Culturas

The Casa de las Culturas Marcus Garvey is the hub for cultural and community events including the Saturday farmers market. It’s the red, yellow and green colors of the building represent the communities the afro-Caribbean culture.

The Bakery

One of the last stops leaving Puerto Viejo, the Bakery offers a delicious breakfast and lunch menu as well as take-out bakery times and coffee.


Wanderlust if one of the coolest shops in town to shop for locally crafted souvenirs, bikinis, books about Costa Rica, sunglasses, hats, hammocks, Caribbean style masks! They have so many cool and colorful things to look at and buy!

El Dragon

El Dragon offers a taste of Asia in Puerto Viejo. Patrick always cooks with fresh ingredients to create the finest flavors. The dumplings are a must try. Stop by or check them out on Facebook!

Roam Coffee Shop

Located in the heart of Puerto Viejo, Roam offers a walk up coffee bar where you can enjoy good coffee and good people watching. Sweet! Also check out the shop for cool t-shirts to take back to your friends.

Rent Bikes

Rent bikes and take a tour from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo for a day of beach hoping. Take it slow on the bikes and enjoy the sites and sounds of the rainforest where it borders the sea.

Luna May

Luna May is a local clothing designer who makes fashionable lightweight Caribbean clothing. Stop in her shops downtown and take home unique prints that will forever remind you of your time in Caribe Sur.

Ocho Nani

Refresh yourself with homemade ice cream in downtown Puerto Viejo. Ocho Nani at the entrance of Chino Beach where you sit and enjoy your ice cream beachside. They are open most afternoons.

Bread & Chocolate

Bread & Chocolate is located in downtown Puerto Viejo and is one of the best spots to eat breakfast. Here you can drink fresh coffee, eat fresh home cooked breakfast, and enjoy locally sourced chocolates, pies, cookies, and cakes. Highly recommended.

Punta Uva


The beaches of Punta Uva have been rated as some of the best beaches in the world. Inside the reef, the waters are calm and provide some of the best conditions for swimming in the area. The calm clear waters are ideal for snorkeling and other water sports.


Punta Uva is constantly rated one of the best beaches in the world! It is also one of the best spots to see wildlife, like sloths and howler monkeys. The jungle is dense and the town is quiet.


When in Punta Uva, we highly recommend taking a short hike up the hill and out to the mirador where you have an expansive view of the southern Caribbean coast. When the sea is calm the turquoise waters are clear enough to see tropical fish and even sea turtles swimming around the reef. Sit up on the edge of the Earth and enjoy the view.

El Refugio

El Refugio is a restaurant located just beyond Punta Uva, officially in Playa Grande. This is a high-end restaurant where you can find high quality meat and seafood dinners with good wine in an open and relaxed setting.



Just a short hike will bring you to one of the best spots in all of the land. Punta Cocles, the lookout over the beautiful Isla Piripli. Here you can watch the sunset or rise, or both.

Tasty Waves Cantina

Tasty Waves Cantina is in an awesome locations and they offer express delivery! If you want a burger, or chicken strips, stop in or call them up.

Phone: +506 2750 0507


Beach Break is the most popular beach in Caribe amongst the surfing crowd. Most of the year you can catch some of the best surfers from all over Costa Rica surfing some of the most respected waves in the country.

Easy Time Food Cart

Easy Time food cart in Cocles is a must stop if you get the chance. He is usually near the Lifeguard stand in Break Break on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Here you can find Rice and Beans with Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken, and also fish.

CariBean Chocolate

CariBean Chocolate is a cool coffee shop located in Playa Cocles. Here you can enjoy locally grown, fair trade chocolate and coffee products. Sit and drink expresso while you surf the web just steps from one of the best beaches in town.

One Love Yoga

One love yoga classes are accessible to all beings , all levels, all ages, and all body types. At one love we offer Vinyasa yoga classes Monday thru Friday at 9 am.

To guarantee your space on the mat please prebook by messaging me at WhatsApp +506-8719-4654 or email [email protected].


Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park is on the top of the lists of things to do in Caribe Sur. The park is accessible to most and a pretty easy walk. The probability of you seeing birds, sloths, monkeys, iguana, and raccoons is pretty high.

Cahuita Turtle Rescue

If you’re lucky during your visit you may be able attend a baby sea turtle release. Also consider volunteering with Turtle Rescue Cahuita doing beach patrols, beach cleanups, and more fun stuff.

Soda Kawe

Eat a traditional breakfast Gallo Pinto with delicious fry cake cooked on wood fired stoves that give the food a special flavor. Its a good place to have a relaxing breakfast before taking a walk in the National Park.


If in Cahuita don’t miss the famous Del Rita Patty. Patty is Jamaican pastry usually filled with beef. Put here you can find daily specials that include pineapple, plantain, yucca, and the delicious snacks.


ARA Project

Playa Chiquita is bussing with the squawks of the Green McCaws. The species has made a remarkable comeback in the area thanks to the work of the ARA Project. Volunteer with the ARA project or try to visit while you are here.


Just a short hike will bring you to one of the best spots in all of the land. Punta Cocles, the lookout over the beautiful Isla Piripli. Here you can watch the sunset or rise, or both.


Cocles is a short bike ride from Puerto Viejo and also from Playa Chiquita. Take it slow on the bikes and enjoy the sites and sounds of the rainforest where it borders the sea.

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