The very first facility of its kind in Costa Rica, Shenanigans are underway!!

Good food, craft beers, trails, courts, courses and games galore.

Come make some merry mischief with friends and family.

Disc Golf

Disc Golf is THE quintessential sport for our Caribbean town. You won’t see acres of groomed grass, you’ll wander among tropical giants throwing a frisbee! Learn about the local plants and wildlife along the way, a great way to spend a leisurely couple of hours.


Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the Americas. We’re bringing it to the Caribbean! Never heard of it? Think tennis meets ping-pong on a badminton court and fall in love, living happy playing in the kitchen and dinkin’ all day long.


Cerveceria… Jaime and Natalie brew up some of the Costa Rica’s most unique micro brews in their local brewery. Now, their flagship location will include the famous food we once knew so briefly. Eat, drink, play, pura vida!


The new Old World Bakery & Delicatessen will draw you in for a fresh croissant and cup of Costa Rica’s prized bean, while you scour the curated shelves for that long-missed culinary ingredient.

The Shenanigans Story

Raising our boys in Oregon, we enjoyed family hikes, games of disc golf in the local parks, and played pickleball when we visited grandma & grandpa’s house. In and amongst these times, our four kids were always exploring and adventuring around our rural home. “Let’s go make shenanigans” was their rallying call as they would head out on a summer day. “What kind of shenanigans have you been up to?” was the dinner-table conversation.

When we lost our youngest mischief-maker a few years ago, our memories of the good days led us to plan for a place to memorialize him. We began to plan a place where all ages–local, tourist or immigrants alike–could gather and make their own memories… with or without the mischief.

We’re excitedly planning to offer a few of our northern favorites, while we preserve this beautiful piece of land in the lush tropical jungle.

Ready to play!?

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